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Dehydrated Water: The One Thing "Missing" From Your Buddy's Survival Kit

You've heard of dehydrated meat and veggies, but you're missing out on dehydrated water.

When I'm packing for camping trips, I try to pack as lightly as possible. Sometimes that can get you in trouble.

If packing light means skipping water supplies, you're making the wrong choices. If you run out of water 10 miles away from your campsite, you're going to regret not bringing more. Sure, you can pack all the water purification tablets you want, but you still have to have a source of water to purify.

But what if you're just trying to have a little fun, maybe at a wilderness-educated friend's expense? If you give them the right addition to their survival kit, they'll never run out of water again.

Alright, so it's about as gaggy as a gag gift can get. But if they have a can of dehydrated water, they'll never run out. Even if they're just an avid water drinker, they need dehydrated water. And we've tracked it down.

Witty Yeti's Dehydrated Water

The dehydrated water can is simple to use. Just add a small amount of water to the can, and you'll have a continuous supply for any outdoor trip.

Just like dehydrated food, dehydrated water will retain its freshness and organic qualities. It even stays at room temperature!

The reviews, as expected, are amazing. Many hunters and hikers are (sarcastically) saying this item saved them from dehydration on hunting and backpacking trips. If they're to be believed, it's truly the perfect addition to any outdoors enthusiast's gear kit.

You can buy a Witty Yeti dehydrated water can on Amazon for $10.99 and prank your gullible friend who will believe just about everything.

If you called bull 10 seconds into this story, good for you. I'm glad you have most of your marbles. If you have a friend that takes the bait too easily, you'll get a kick out of this novelty gift.


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I so love the humor of my friend @wonderwheel47 who sent me this can of #dehydratedwater ... #bhaaa 😂

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It's also a good idea to prank your fishing buddy who swears up and down that they know all the best outdoors products. Think of the guy that makes an outdoor store's sales associate want to quit their job for being a know-it-all. It's the perfect gift for those folks.

Get yourself a can and see who needs to be concerned for their mental acuity. Hopefully your friends appreciate dry humor.

Witty Yeti's gag gift is in stock just in time for hunting season as well as the holiday season.

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