Mississippi Dept. of Marine Resources

This Record Swordfish is Worth More Than $325,000, AND a New Nissan Truck!

Now, that's what we call winning the lottery! A massive swordfish just won a third of a million dollars for the fortunate angler and boat captain who caught it.

South Carolina Angler Scott Cothran just won a heckuva payday by catching the largest swordfish in the state of Mississippi. And in what some might call a coincidental stroke of serendipity, he caught his record swordfish from a boat named Pay Dirt.

Cothran was fishing the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic aboard Capt. Ryan Kelly's 37-foot Pay Dirt, one of 120 boats entered in the Biloxi tournament. 

To call Cothran's fish a "big one" would be understating the case. His 242-pound, 8.64-ounce swordfish utterly demolished the previous state record of a lowly 75 pounds caught in 2007. That's called taking the record with authority!

But still, it was a tough battle for the top place in the swordfish category. The Mississippi record was broken three times on day one of the tournament and once again on the final day of the contest before Cothran registered his brute.

Cothran and Kelly both initially netted $51,075 for the catch, but once the fish was officially certified by the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources they were guaranteed to receive an additional $325,000 and a Petro Nissan Titan pickup truck.

I wonder if they'll flip for the truck?

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