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59-Pound Hog Catfish Gives 11-Year-Old His Fourth Lake Record

Dallas Morning News

Cody Miles is an 11-year old catfish record breaking machine.

Eleven-year-old Cody Miles comes from a family well known for breaking catfish records in Texas.

Cody’s grandfather, Danny Miles, held the Lake Tawakoni blue catfish lake record as well as the catch-and-release record with an 82-pound beast caught in 2012. That fish beat the previous 58-pound catch-and-release record held by Danny’s brother, Paul. Danny’s 82-pound record was broken last year.

Danny and Paul also hold the Cabela’s King Kat tournament team record with a 2013 five catfish total of 239.8-pounds.

Danny Miles also currently owns the flathead catfish record for Lake Ray Roberts, with a 62.6 pound hog. Finally, as if to add an exclamation point to the Miles family dynasty, Danny’s wife, Stephanie, caught a 75-pound blue at Lake Tawakoni in 2014.

This recounting of the Miles family‘s catfishing accomplishments is the backstory to young Cody Miles, arguably the most accomplished member of the tribe. Cody, after all, has broken four catfish records, three of which still stand:

  • A 58.5 pound blue catfish junior record at Lake Tawakoni, March 2015.
  • A 26.9-pound blue catfish junior record at Lake Ray Hubbard, March 2015. This fish is also the lake junior and all-age catch-and-release record.
  • A 28.4-pound blue catfish junior record at Lake Ray Roberts, November 2011. This fish is also the lake junior and all-age catch-and-release record.

Danny Miles’ pride in his grandson’s skill and enthusiasm is evident. He told the Dallas Morning News, “Cody loves fishing and has a knack for catching big ones. The Tawakoni monster blue is Cody’s personal best, but he has caught four lake records, and three of them still stand.”

“Cody does it all when we go fishing,” continued the elder Miles. “He unloads and loads the boat. He drops and pulls 35-pound anchors. He cuts bait and casts as good as most men. He’s even showed me a thing or two on the lake.”

The Miles’ credit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s stocking program for helping turn Lake Tawakoni into the “Catfish Capital of Texas”, as well as a growing catch-and-release ethic among catfish anglers.

“Luck and a love of fishing are also important to success,” he said. “You have to stay with it until you find the fish.”

It seems clear that Cody Miles definitely has the love of fishing in his DNA, and he probably has had his share of luck too. But when a pre-teen angler breaks record after record as Cody has done, there’s a good heaping of skill and know-how that this young angler can also lay claim to.

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59-Pound Hog Catfish Gives 11-Year-Old His Fourth Lake Record