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Realtree Introduces Their First Camo Patterns Specifically for Fishing

Realtree just launched a new fishing camo pattern. We can dig it.

Back in January, Realtree announced it was launching a fishing lifestyle brand. President Bill Jordan suggests the fishing portion of the company's business makes sense because it's another extension into the outdoors.

"So many hunters are just like me and my family and our Realtree employees. We enjoy all aspects of the outdoors," says Jordan.

Using a similar design structure to their other popular camo patterns, the fishing pattern layers design elements to create a deep, textured appearance. Ultimately what you end up with is a unique pattern that mimics images and shapes seen on many modern depth finders.

The group will continue licensing products as their primary avenue to distribute the new clothing. Clothing giant, Colosseum, is planning a full lineup of Realtree Fishing branded clothing that will include many options of the new camo pattern.

Also featuring the new camo pattern will be G2 Gemini Jerseys, the country's largest fishing jersey manufacturer.

Consumers should begin seeing Realtree Fishing products on store shelves soon. Jerseys, poles, vented fishing shirts, hats, and rain gear are all among the list of soon to be available products.

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