Realtree Camo Patterns: Styles Made for Every Hunting Scenario

Let's take a close look at all the Realtree camo patterns while sharing a bit of the company's history and heritage.

There's camo, and then there's Realtree Camo. This esteemed company got its start back in 1983 and has never looked back.

Whether you're hunting turkey, ducks, or deer, Realtree has a pattern for you that will keep you concealed as you pursue game animals.

It was a man by the name of Bill Jordan (pronounced Jer-din), who was piddling around in the back of a boat dealership in Columbus, Georgia in 1983, who would help launch the initial Realtree idea. He and the Realtree team went on to produce some of the most natural, high quality concealing camouflage that the market had ever seen.

Bill Jordan has long since become a household name in the hunting industry, especially in the camouflage game. Realtree claims itself as the number one resource for not just camouflage, but for outdoor tips and hunting strategies, not to mention cultural and community information about what it means to be a sportsman.

Helping make apparel that virtually disappears in the woods, fields, and marshes of the hunting landscape the country over is what Realtree does best, but it's not all they do.

Realtree's company history tells a great story. Mr. Jordan had to move some hypothetical mountains, part a few theoretical seas, and count on a little good fortune to reach the point Realtree is at today, but thankfully for the rest of us he wouldn't quit.

The Realtree site says it best: "That early business risk paid off. As a result, vision has become Bill's greatest attribute and promotion his company's greatest strength. Since that fledgling start in the late 1980s, Realtree has steadily grown to become a household name and one of the strongest brands in the hunting industry."

Realtree Camouflage Patterns

Let's investigate each of the patterns and share a little info on notable ones. First we'll list the archived camo patterns to see which is your favorite, and what you may still be using. Then we'll touch on the present-day availability and see what's new from Realtree as the continue to evolve and innovate in the camouflage arena.

Advantage Classic

This famous pattern is still my go-to for turkey hunting. I've had it for years, it has mud stains, rips, and it even smells like earth while it hangs on my gear rack. This is a real classic.

Advantage Timber

Realtree APG

Realtree AP Blaze Camo

For those safety conscious hunters as well as those legally required to wear orange on their public hunting property of choice, AP Blaze was the way to go. Even the glommits worn by the hunter in this photo are in this great pattern.

Realtree AP Camo

Realtree Hardwoods Green HD Camo

Realtree HD Camo

Realtree MAX-1 XT Camo

This great pattern helps open country hunters chase elk, antelope, and mule deer without ever giving up their position.

Realtree MAX-1 Camo

Realtree MAX-4 Waterfowl Camo

Realtree Original Camo

The brand brought the Original Camo back from the discontinued dead after high demand, and did it in conjunction with their 30th anniversary.

Realtree Xtra Colors Camo

Realtree Xtra Colors White

Admit it, you had to look for a second to see the hunter. Good winter camouflage is worth its weight in gold for cold weather hunters in northern climates.

Realtree Xtra Green Camo

Realtree Xtra Camo

Realtree Fishing

Gear for the anglers that fits well and looks even better? Yes please.

Here's what the brand itself says about their fishing patterns:

Realtree Fishing was created to provide anglers with a brand connecting them to the Realtree family. Lake, pond or stream fishing. Inshore or offshore. We have a color that fits your adventure. We're excited to share our passion for fishing and the outdoors in this next evolution of Realtree.

New Realtree Patterns

These are the newest five camouflage patterns, continuing the legacy Realtree has created for hunters everywhere.

Realtree Edge

There's something about this hunter's camo that really helps individuals blend in. 3D backgrounds and natural elements and colors are a symbol of the research and development Realtree has devoted to creating the EDGE pattern.

Realtree MAX-5 Camo

Realtree Timber Camo

Realtree WAV3

Realtree Excape

See plenty of Realtree gear on

What's Yet to Come From Realtree?

Maybe the best part is that the Realtree family of camouflage patterns comes in such a wide array of gear. Casual hoodies, bibs, face masks, beanies, camo shirts, gaiters, technical hunting jackets, pullovers, even seat covers and mittens can be had with the patterns Realtree has made famous.

As outdoorsmen and women, we want clothing and patterns that will not only stand the test of concealment, but more importantly the test of time. That might be where Realtree shines the brightest. Their camo designs not only help hunters disappear in their treestands, marshes, and even in the open country, but they've done so for years.

Other camo companies, both old and new, serve as healthy competition, but this is the United States of America and that's a good thing, especially where hunting and fishing are concerned. As sportsmen we have so many choices that it's, well, hard to choose sometimes.

And as we like to say: that's a good problem to have.

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