deer hunting scene
YouTube: Jos Vermeulen

Intro From Prisoners is Still Perhaps Hollywood's Most Realistic Deer Hunting Scene

The movie Prisoners has probably the most realistic whitetail deer hunting scene ever to hit the theaters.

Watch the intro shot to the 2013 Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, and you are probably viewing one of the most realistic deer hunting clips ever put in a movie.

When you see it for the first time, you'll swear it looks as authentic as anything you've seen on the big screen before.

There are tons of movies with hunting scenes, but any whitetail hunter will see that this one rings true.

This movie nails it, from the father and son waiting in the cold, and looking cold, to the taking of a nice doe for the freezer. Thousands of deer hunters do just that, take deer for their meat. Their clothing rings true, with hunter orange, and the November conditions with snow on the ground mirror a true eastern whitetail hunting experience.

Whoever put this scene together knew their stuff, and it was well done.

Often Hollywood gets it wrong

Experienced hunters watch movies that portray hunting scenes very closely, and it's amazing how many big-budget productions get it wrong.

Even such famous films as The Deer Hunter, whose entire story is centered on hunting, gets it very wrong. From filming supposed eastern whitetail hunters in the Rockies to pose as the Pennsylvania hills, to not even using a whitetail deer, but instead a European Stag, there were some glaring errors that any hunter would pick out.

It's still a great film. Robert De Niro does a fantastic job of acting in the Russian roulette scene from the Vietnam War, but he just doesn't quite nail the mannerisms of an American hunter. Director Michael Cimino could have done better.

With today's capabilities, after a few quick searches online and on social media, he could have learned a lot!

Deer hunters can probably think of a long list of movies that don't get it right, makes you wonder why they don't hire a hunting specialist out in California as an advisor, a lot of my hunting buddies would be more than willing to help out!