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Asking the Timeless Question: Can Deer See Hunter Orange?

Can deer see hunter orange and does it spook them when you’re in your hunting blind? Watch this and get some answers.

Every deer hunter knows that wearing hunter orange can be an important safety measure, especially on public land, but we always wonder if the deer can clearly see that bright blaze orange vest and hat as you quietly sit or stalk along.

Hopefully this will answer some of those questions once and for all.

Well this is a story of new news and some old bundled together. While deer can see other colors fairly clearly, orange remains outside their detectable spectrum. It seems, however, having a pattern to disrupt the blaze orange makes good sense to better blend with the background and foliage. Unfortunately, as in Alabama, my hunting area does not allow disruptive pattern blaze orange, only a solid vest and hat during gun season.

It would seem the safety aspects of wearing orange far outweigh the possibility of deer detection for wearing orange; not keeping your movements down and poor sent control are what will really get you busted when out in the woods.

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Asking the Timeless Question: Can Deer See Hunter Orange?