Real or Fake: 'Hoofed Animal' Takes a Flying Leap Over Road

What kind of animal do you think this is? Are the photos even real?

This series of images showing a hoofed animal sailing clear over a road is creating quite a stir on social media. Sure, you have one side of the fence saying the pics are photoshopped. We get that. But the biggest argument seems to be over what kind of animal it is.

The photographer originally posted the photos to Facebook and labeled it as a moose. It's pretty obvious this isn't a moose, though. Hundreds of people quickly spoke up, chiming in on what animal they believed it to be.

Those guesses ran the gamut from whitetail deer, to mule deer, to elk and plenty sticking with moose. A few keen observers pointed out that it's actually a red deer, which we're fairly certain it is. But hey, we've been wrong before!

red stag

red stag

red stag

red stag

Another clue lies in the car license plate. It definitely isn't North American, giving the red stag theory more weight.

As for the authenticity of the images, we know members of the deer family can certainly leap to great lengths. So we know it's possible, but did it really happen?

What are your thoughts? Do you think it's a red deer? Do you think the photos are even real?

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