5 fun plinking targets
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Ready to Take Out Your .22? Check Out These 5 Fun Plinking Targets

If you're looking to take your .22 rifle out for a bit of practice this spring, you'll definitely want to take some of these 5 fun plinking targets with you.

No matter how old you get, or what kind of weapons you've shot, it never hurts to go back to the basics and grab a .22 and start shooting. You don't have to worry about recoil or expensive ammunition, just the pure basics of pulling the trigger and hitting your aiming point. Whats even better is if you take some of these five fun plinking targets to shoot at and increase the fun.

What's your favorite of these 5 fun plinking targets? Or do you have another favorite that you prefer to use instead? Of course, there's nothing wrong with a paper target or a steel plate, but sometimes adding in one of these not only ups the fun, but adds a little extra pressure to make the shot.

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