Prince Rupert's Glass
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Prince Rupert's Glass Drop vs. Bullets in Super Slow Mo

The Prince Rupert's drop has been a scientific marvel for centuries, and after you see how it does against bullets, you'll be even more amazed.

If you've never heard of a Prince Rupert's drop before, it high time you take a look. The droplet of glass, first experimented with by Prince Rupert, has interested scientists for hundreds of years and continues to amaze people to this day.

A Prince Rupert's drop is considered to be as "unbreakable" as glass gets, at the large droplet end. No matter what you do, it's virtually impossible to get it to break from that point. Take a look below and see what happens when it's shot at almost point-blank range with a .22 rifle.

Pretty amazing stuff, right? It really makes us wonder just what kind of power it would take to actually bust the piece of glass with the bullet itself from the front end. No matter what, it is an amazing piece of glass and as he states in the video, it is absolutely beautiful to watch as it breaks apart.

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