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Ray Marine Rolls Out New Axiom+ Touch-Control Multifunction Displays

Raymarine's new Axiom+ multifunction displays work even when wet.

While modern technology has made touchscreens the standard for smartphones, computers and other electronics, some of this newer technology does not translate as well to boat displays. Especially if your navigation system and displays are regularly subjected to waves and weather.

Raymarine has set out to change that with their new Axiom+ marine electronics that are designed to withstand the elements while offering a simple, uncluttered interface that will allow you to access all your boat's functions in one easy place.

Here are all the details about these new Axiom displays and how they can help you have more fun on the water.

A brighter display for the elements.

These new displays are an update of the Axiom 7, Axiom 9 and Axiom 12 models that have already proven popular with boaters all over the world. Raymarine realized that some boat displays can be difficult to see, especially when you out in direct sunlight and trying to spot targets in real time on the fish finder. That is why the company says they made the LCD display 25 percent brighter this time around. It is intended to be easily visible under any light and from any angle. They have also incorporated day and night color schemes for even better visibility.

Anyone who has tried to use a smartphone while it was raining knows the frustration of trying to use a wet touch screen. With the Raymarine Axiom, they have also done work to combat this issue. More specifically, they are calling the display "Multitouch" and they have given the screen a special coating they call "HydroTough" that helps repel water and allows you to effortlessly scroll through the different menus, even if the screen or your hands are drenched.

Raymarine has built in four different sonar channels into this powerful new multifunction navigation system to help you see the bottom and the fish in better detail than ever. Notable here is the RealVision 3D sonar, which, as it sounds, gives you a detailed view of the bottom and everything on it.

The new Axiom+ models also include SideVision, DownVision and Chirp sonar. All sonar systems operate off one transducer for simplicity. These new displays also account for the need for storage space for the best charts on the market and for saving your waypoints of great fishing spots. That is why Raymarine built in 16 GB of storage. The entire thing operates on the Lighthouse 3 operating system and uses a quad core processor for fast and accurate data when you need it most.

The company also made the devices expansive with ethernet networking and bluetooth connectivity capabilities. It also has the ability to tie in and operate all the other electronics and systems on your boat for "all-in-one" controls. The Axiom+ can use C-Map, LightHouse and Navionics charts depending upon your preferences. The Axiom+ MFD also helps you find your way on the open waters of North America and beyond thanks to the 10 Hz, GPS/GNSS receiver that the company says is four times more sensitive than previous models.

The Raymarine Axiom+ starts at $749 and is available in a 7-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch model. Learn more and see the full range of Raymarine accessories on their website.

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