lost lures

How Lures End Up At the Bottom of Your Favorite Fishing Spot

At the bottom of this river lies a treasure trove of lost lures, and a lot more.

Every fisherman has dealt with the frustrations of losing expensive lures. But did you ever stop to think about how many lures may be on the bottom of your favorite fishing areas?

YouTube user DALLMYD gives a little glance into that in this video.

Check it out as he scuba dives and finds countless lures, a brand-new pole, an iPhone and more treasures at the bottom of this river!

I don't know about you, but I found this fascinating. I guess I just never thought about just how many lures might be littering up popular fishing spots. What's even more amazing is the fact he says he goes here regularly and keeps the spot clean.

It's easy to see why there are so many lures in this spot based on all the fish he saw in here too.  It is funny how he calls this stuff "treasure." To most it would be junk, but some of those crankbaits are expensive!

The flukes are likely unusable, but the crankbaits can live to fish again. I suppose that's one way to save money on new lures. Although, you also have to dodge new ones being thrown in while you're collecting these!

Good job keeping your local fishing hole clean DALLMYD and way to re-purpose the things you find as well!

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