Ravean Electric Hand Warmer

Gear Review: Ravean Electric Hand Warmer Power Bank

Ravean has launched an eco-friendly hand warmer with an included power bank and it's game changer.

Ravean is an outdoor apparel company that designs and manufactures durable and unique heated jackets and gloves. Now they're bringing the heat with the launch of Ravean's first multi-purpose hand warmer with an included charging bank.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Utah-based company has designed an eco-conscious, anti-microbial, cork-wrapped hand warming device that packs a punch with a 5-volt, 2-amp USBA charging port. It's powerful enough to charge a phone or other on-the-go electronic device including smart watches, tablets, lap accessories and even portable speakers.

Ravean CEO Mark Thomas told us, "From the design and materials to the comfort and convenience it provides consumers, this project was done right. The hand warmer is perfect for all outdoor activities like camping, hiking, cold commutes and sporting events. It's also great to warm joints and relieve muscle soreness."

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Ravean Electric Hand Warmers

The Ravean hand warmer is designed with a unique cork compound, making it soft, quite comfortable to hold in your hand, and super easy to grip. Cork material, as you probably know, repels moisture and has over 30 percent more heat conduction than other typical hand warmer materials.

The Ravean hand warmer features a lightweight, aluminum housing wrapped in the cork finish and only weighs a mere five ounces.

This new device is powered by two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and features three customizable levels to keep your hands, arms, legs, shoulders, or whatever you need warm for up to eight hours. Not only that, but it will charge up to 1-1/2 its power in mobile devices.

Ravean's design also includes an auto shut off feature for safety and battery life preservation.

Early Impressions of the Ravean Hand Warmer

Ravean electric hand warmer


For outdoor sportsmen like myself, it's a pleasure when gear is ready right out of the box. If it doesn't come with complicated instructions, assembly time, or other nonsense that might slow us down and take away from time in the field, that's a major plus.

Once I took the time to get it out of the package, look it all over, and charge it up, the Ravean proved early on that it works like a charm the first time.

I set about following the easy instructions that came in the storage box. I had to unwind the included power charging cord and plug it into a comparable USB charging port to get the hand warmer fully charged. Four white lights signify a full charge, three shows a thee-quarter charge, and two or less means the Ravean needs more time to power up. Simple enough, right?

A similar pattern follows for using the hand warmer's heat level function. To turn the unit on, hold the device power button for three seconds, and that will auto-set the hand warmer to the highest heat setting, shown with a red LED light. That setting reaches about 130 F. There are three heat setting adjustments to cycle through, and it's all done by clicking the device button once each time.

The two other settings are medium (showing a green LED light) at 115 F and low (showing a blue LED light) at about 100 F.

Using the Ravean Hand Warmer

Ravean electric hand warmer

Craig Raleigh

Once you take the Ravean electric hand warmer off of the charger, it's good to go for almost the entire eight hours of use that they claim. However, the heat level for that amount of time will go down as the charge runs out. That would seem obvious, but it will run down even quicker if you use it to fully charge a device while also staying warm.

Having an extra charger while hunting or fishing deep in the backcountry or on a big body of water can make all the difference if an emergency should arise. In fact, having this diminutive hand warmer at the campsite or on the hiking trail, even in the warmth of summer, can be a game changer if you should become lost or hurt in the wild. Thanks to its ability to keep your phone or other devices operational longer, you'll be able to enjoy your time outside that much more.

The simple single button function lets you keep your hands mostly free while you fish or hunt, making it a great way to keep movement at a minimum while you're outdoors. It's water-resistant, but don't let that fool you into thinking that it can be fully submerged. I used it inside my fishing vest while wading, but certainly did not let it get wet.

That's the only slightly negative thing I can say about the Ravean. It would be great to find a way to make this excellent mobile power bank waterproof, or even floatable.

Even though they call it a "30-second hand warmer," I could feel the heat generating within 10 seconds. Much colder conditions can affect that amount of time, but once it warms up, you're going to know it. It ultimately gets pretty hot on the highest setting, so I'd be careful placing it directly against any exposed skin.

The style and design is great, and its pleasing appearance will catch the eye of almost anyone who sees it. At $39.99, the Ravean Electric Hand Warmer is quite affordable, and accumulating two for $80 is not an out of the ordinary idea.

Other Ravean Gear

Ravean also creates other heated apparel, including men's and women's down jackets, a men's rugged jacket, and heated gloves. The jackets are made with 750 fill genuine down, DWR water-resistant coating, removable hood, six pockets, and six heating elements located in various spots within the jacket's outline. The women's version is basically the same, but with a more fitted look and a fur-lined hood.

The prices are more reasonable then you'd think. The down jackets are typically $170 but are currently discounted at just $94.99 (as of early May, 2021). However, that's without an included battery, which costs extra. The rugged jacket is usually $249.99, and that includes a battery pack, but right now it's on sale too for just $107.99.

For the prices to stay at those levels, you know Ravean is doing some serious legwork in the R&D department. Keeping costs down and offering big discount opportunities is a darn good way to attract longtime customers.

I must say, my first thoughts about this electric hand warmer were different than my final ones. I wasn't skeptical or negative going in, but what little apprehension I had in the beginning was melted away after a few hours of use.

Whether you primarily need them for personal warmth, to warm up your mittens or gloves, or to keep your phone charged, the Ravean Power Bank is a great choice. It's easy to use right out of the box and will last you for many trips into the outdoor world.

Find out more about this and other Ravean gear at Ravean.com.

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