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Marshall Escaped, So He Rang The Doorbell to Get Back Inside

A very, very good boy named Marshall escaped from his house in Spokane, Washington, one night, but immediately realized his mistake and wanted to get back inside. The only problem was that he's not exactly human, meaning he doesn't have hands to open the door. In fact, he's a Golden Retriever, not a velociraptor, but that didn't mean he wasn't smart enough to think outside the box.

So what did man's best friend do next? The intelligently precious doggo did the next best thing that he could think of: he rang the doorbell at the front door. Better still, it was captured on the family's Nest doorbell cam. So here's something to bless your day in the midst of all this chaos: a video of a dog ringing a doorbell because this is what we all need right now.

Ding Dog! Puppy Escapes, Then Rings Doorbell to Get Back Inside

Eventually, fortunately, Marshall did get back into the house after some more doorbell ringing and pawing at the door. His owner, Greg Basel, shared the adorable video of the Golden Retriever puppy, and it's hilarious seeing a close up of his cute dog nose on the video doorbell. It's these kinds of videos that make home security systems even more worth it. Aside from keeping your house safe, of course.

My dog would've wandered off in search of attention and food, and also driven by a need to pee on and smell everything in varying orders. Kudos to Marshall for being the goodest of good boys and wanting to go back inside where he could safely and happily wait for his dad.

Dogs: They're better than every human ever, and it's not really even close.

Editor's note: This article was originally published to on February 1, 2019.

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