Jerry Miculek
YouTube:Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter

Rapid Fire Montage with Jerry Miculek, the Fastest Shooter in the World

Jerry Miculek is a living legend.

There have been plenty of famous exhibition and competition shooters over the history of firearms, but few can likely match the speed of Jerry Miculek. If you're not familiar with Jerry, he has won countless competitions over a nearly 30-year career in the shooting sports.

Miculek also holds at least 20 different world records for speed shooting. He has even broken his own record a time or two.

One can't truly appreciate how fast he is until they see him in action. Just watch this incredible short montage below to see what we mean.

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This is a man who is truly living the American Dream. Who wouldn't want to hang out at the gun range all day and get paid for it?

This montage moves so quickly you might not have caught all the guns on display here. Miculek doesn't just use the usual competition guns that specially built with aftermarket parts for speed. Nope, he uses a lot of stock guns for much of this stuff. This montage showed him speed shooting guns like the Barrett M107 in .50 BMG and the ever-famous Desert Eagle in .50 Action Express. He even holds records with the Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum revolver. That's not a gun that is known for speed. We also didn't even know the classic M1 Garand could shoot that fast!

As impressive as his speed on the trigger is, he's equally impressive with his speed in reloading. We've never seen a guy's hands move that quickly before. Had he lived in the days of the old West, we wouldn't believe the tales about his gun skills.

It's little wonder the man has picked up endorsements from nearly every major gunmaker on the planet. Who wouldn't want Jerry Miculek to represent their product? The only question we have now is what new gun record will he be breaking next?

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