'Dangerous' Raccoon Dogs that Terrorized Village Recaptured

Should you own a raccoon dog? This isn't a serious question! They're wild canines and closely related to the fox. Yet after you see their photo, you may think this is an exotic pet you want to live with!  In the United States, Oklahoma City and Atlanta are the only two accredited zoos that have raccoon dogs. 

A pair of raccoon dogs are in the news for terrorizing the village they live in! (We all thought they were illegal so what's the deal). Thankfully, they were captured but what's the headline here? Don't let your raccoon dogs escape if you own them!

The pair of raccoon dogs (or tanukis) were reported to be "terrorizing" a village in the United Kingdom after they escaped from a nearby enclosure. It was reported that a goat and pony in the village were attacked. 

FoxNews reports

"Police had warned local residents to be on their guard after two raccoon dogs dug their way out of a nearby enclosure on the morning of May 28."

What are they?

The RSPCA tells us that raccoon dogs aren't raccoons. They are wild animals.

"Instead, they're members of the canid (dog) family. They're native to the forests of eastern Siberia, northern China, North Vietnam, Korea, and Japan and are now widespread in some European countries, having been accidentally released, or having escaped."

As you can see in this Facebook post, the raccoon dogs were captured and safely put back in their now secure enclosure.


As far as the United Kingdom goes, since February 2019, it's illegal to sell raccoon dogs (except for existing 'stock') as they're a highly invasive risk to native species in Europe. These regulations also don't allow breeding and require raccoon dogs to be kept securely.

They are illegal in the U.S. without an exotic animal permit!

These 'wild dogs' ate someone's livestock! Can you imagine? Given they dug out of their enclosure this feels like negligence on the owner's part and these wild canids cannot be blamed for their actions. There is a reason they are illegal!

They're native to eastern Asia but have also been introduced to Europe. Sounds like folks in England can have them as pets but thankfully not here!

Do you own any exotic animals? Have you checked your own state laws? Tell us in the comments below. 

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