White Husky with Rare Condition Gets 2nd Chance at Life

When a puppy is diagnosed with Swimmers Syndrome, the most common solution is euthanasia.

According to PetMD, Swimmers Syndrome is when a newborn puppy's chest or thorax is flattened. The limbs are splayed out in opposite directions, giving the animal the impression that they're constantly swimming. This deformity makes it impossible for dogs to walk, and they can only move their legs in paddling motions.

When a pure white Siberian Husky puppy was dropped off at Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, it didn't take long to confirm a Swimmers Syndrome diagnosis. But lacking resources and without someone to devote complete attention to the puppy, there wasn't anything the rescue could do.

The disabled puppy was scheduled to be euthanized, but then Coastal German Shepherd Rescue made a call to Gina, an animal lover and acuscope biotechnician. Gina gladly took the pup, who was later named Casper, into her care.

She took tiny Casper to the vet but didn't receive good news. Casper's heart was weak, his pulse was faint, and the veterinarian offered little hope of recovery.

Determined to give the puppy a chance at life, Gina took Casper home with a plan in mind. To her, every life matters, and she was ready to commit her time, patience, and energy to Casper's well-being.

When they got home, Gina wasted no time in using her skill as an acuscope technician to help Casper. Acuscope is a therapy treatment that uses controlled electrical currents to stimulate a body's nervous system. It's been used in veterinary science for nearly two decades and has brought positive results to both large and small animals.

Casper received regular acuscope treatment from Gina along with other forms of medical care and constant love and attention. As Casper grew, his improvements became more noticeable. He went from barely being able to shuffle his tiny body forward to leaping up stairs and frolicking with friends.

Casper wasn't expected to survive his condition, let alone walk, but he recently celebrated his first birthday. His happy life is testament to what happens when someone takes the time to care.

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This article was originally published April 14, 2017.

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