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Pit Bull Born Without a Nose Celebrates 1st Birthday

Do you remember Goosie's story? Goosie was born without a nose and folks didn't think she would live more than a few days. This is one of the most inspiring stories we've read in months!

You never know when a small miracle will happen and without the Sanctuary Rescue, Goosie wouldn't be here today to make us laugh and warm our hearts showing us that anything is possible.

From a puppy born without her nose and upper lip, this pit bull shows everyone that she is tough as nails and is now celebrating her first birthday. She functions as a normal puppy on most days but has a long road ahead.

Goosie will receive much needed constructive surgery in the coming months. Her first birthday celebration was a big party! She's gained a lot of fans and supporters this past year.

People.com tells us,

"Goosie had charmed plenty of animal-loving fans who were eager to party with her for her first yearly birthday. Over 300 fans turned up to meet the birthday girl — who was dressed in a festive tutu — support her medical fund and play games at Goosie's first birthday party."

Her surgery is set for the end of May.

People.com also reports that Goosie now lives with a foster family on a farm, where she spends her days enjoying her extensive wardrobe and playing around with the farm's many birds. Sounds like Goosie is making a lot of memories. 

We're so happy her surgery is set! You can find Goosie on Instagram, where her page @our_girl_goosie has grown to 1,300 followers! 

Goosie is overcoming all odds! She may have some serious medical issues but those are not stopping her wonderful spirit. Goosie's journey has been difficult but this tiny pit bull puppy born without a nose is going to persevere. This local celebrity has so many friends rooting for her.

She may end up being one of the world's tiniest pit bulls as this special needs puppy is weighing in at 11 pounds. Goosie has a small stature but her heart is huge.

So a 1st birthday is a huge milestone for this sweetheart. Some didn't think she would ever see her first birthday so every day is special for her caregivers. They made sure she celebrated weekly birthdays so she officially was honored already with 52 weekly birthdays!

This little pit bull defies all odds when it comes to medical miracles. There will be a next week and next year for this little pittie!

Follow the Sanctuary Rescue Facebook page if you have a chance! The rescue's facebook page and founder of Sanctuary Rescue will keep you updated on her upcoming surgery.

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