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Sad Puppy Rescued From Chains, Finds Forever Home

Dog rescues frequently save abandoned dogs. However, this time Love Furry Friends Rescue stepped in for a chained dog. 

A sad, sweet puppy was rescued from chains and given a chance at a better life. Captured on video, the rescuers travel to a car lot where they saw, via social media, that a young puppy was chained up in a makeshift doghouse. The trending video documents the un-chaining of this sweet pup and his chance to become someone's loved family member.

Saving a Pup

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The nonprofit animal rescue went to a car lot and found that this sweet pup was, in fact, sitting at the end of a chain. According to the guard working at the car lot, they had a large dog guarding the lot, but he died. They decided to get the puppy to guard the lot instead.

While that may take quite a bit of dog training, it was not a great environment for this poor pup! After a chat with the guard, the rescuers took the puppy off his chain and left with him.

The pup had one of the best reactions to being set free, giving his rescuer all the kisses!

Now, rescue dogs do not become shelter dogs with this group. Instead, Love Furry Friends take the pups to the vet, make sure they are healthy, and get them up to date on vaccinations. Once they are healthy and at the right age to be adopted, Love Furry Friends finds them new homes.

This sweet pup was named Keks and joined the organization's other foster puppies. They posted photos of the cute pups for people looking for a new best friend in hopes that they could find the dog a loving home.

Keks was adopted by someone, who showed that they truly love animals, a far cry from when the puppy was rescued from chains. We love that this story has a happy ending!

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