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Puppy vs. Stairs: Adorable Maltese Tries Making "The Climb"

For many puppies, one of the biggest challenges they need to overcome before entering dog-hood is mastering the dreaded staircase.

If you ask me, there's nothing cuter than watching a tiny puppy try and tackle a great, big flight of stairs. Regardless of the breed of dog, they all seem to struggle with the same issues: their bodies are too short to take the steps properly, but too long to really be able to pause comfortably on the individual steps.

While these tiny pups try to find the best way to overcome these size-induced limitations, hilarity ensues for those around them. Don't believe me? Watch these 10 adorable videos and see for yourself!

Puppies vs. Stairs

This little Maltese who has made it to the top, but has no interest in going back down.

This Corgi who swears that stairs were made to taunt vertically-challenged pups.

This Husky who won't even attempt a step unless there is a tasty treat waiting for him.

This adorable Corgi who has a bad feeling he's going to be stuck here for a while...

This smart Schnauzer who quickly learns that if you take it one step at a time, it's not so terrible.

This springy Pomeranian who knows the best method to getting up the stairs is to just keep bouncing.

This little Golden who doesn't understand how her friend makes it look so easy.

This squishy Pekingese who wants you to stop putting their toy so far away from them.

This German Shorthaired Pointer who hopes that if he cries loud enough you'll just carry him down the stairs, forever...


Don't worry pups, you'll grow into those stairs one day!

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