Hunters sitting around a harvested wild turkey.
YouTube: Mid Valley Mercenaries

Teen Bags Her First Turkey in Exciting Public Land Turkey Hunt

Sometimes the youngsters must show the adults how it's done!

Hunting is always a challenge. Especially when you're hunting on public land where pressure is often high, and animals are constantly on alert, especially wild turkeys. No matter how seasoned a hunter you are, odds are you will need to work for it if you want to fill your tag on any animal on public land. Although we can't discount the fact that a little good luck may play a role sometimes too.

Today's hunt may be a little of both of those things. The guys from the YouTube channel Mid Valley Mercenaries are hunting on public land in California for four days hoping to get a shot at a big gobbler. However, the birds simply aren't cooperating, and they run into some unexpected interruptions along the way too.

On the fourth morning of their hunt, they decide to bring some youth hunters along to try and get them their first turkeys ever. This seems to turn their luck around as they soon get in range of a group of Jakes. Despite a lot of confusion and miscommunication, one of the girls manages to get the job done with a great shot on one of the birds.

It always impresses us how much patience many of these first-time hunters display in videos like this. Cheyenne did a great job waiting for the bird she wanted, and then put a perfect shot on it to drop it where it stood. All this in spite of the communication problems and confusion going with the group in that moment.

Hunter numbers may be dropping in many parts of the country, but today's youth hunters seem to display more patience than many seasoned hunters today. If there's one thing we're doing right with the next generation of hunters, it's the education of the fundamentals. It seems like so many of these kids featured in videos today are wise beyond their years when it comes to hunting. We seriously think the available resources of the Internet, including videos like this one, are helping to instill some good habits in today's newer hunters that previous generations simply never had. I'm not sure about you, but I wish all the resources available to new hunters today were there when I was first learning.

It's always a joy to see someone successful with their first harvest, whether it be a deer, turkey, squirrel, or whatever. Congratulations to Cheyenne on your first turkey! We hope it's the first of many more to come.