Bull Moose
YouTube: Hushin

Teenage Girl Bags Giant Bull Moose in Exciting Hunt With Her Father

Father and daughter share an awesome moment with a big bull moose.

Here at Wide Open Spaces, we hear the concerns about the future of hunting all the time. Many of our readers are concerned that today's youth simply aren't interested in the outdoors anymore. However, we're here to tell you we're not too worried. Especially when we see great videos like what we're sharing today.

One of our favorite YouTube hunting channels is Hushin. These guys are in the middle of their "Best Season Ever" series right now and one of their newest videos features Casey LaVere and his teenage daughter Brailee.

If you've followed Hushin for a while, you may remember one of the best hunts they uploaded in 2019 featured this young huntress bagging a beast of an elk. How does one follow that up? How about a giant bull moose? Casey and Brailee are hiking to a spot where they think the moose are hiding when they unexpectedly spot a shooter only 100 yards from the truck! It ends up being a wild hunt and another great memory for the father/daughter team.

This turned out to be a seriously wild hunt. Between their spotting of the moose only a few hundred yards from the vehicle, the dirt bikes that nearly ruined the hunt, and the recovery, this is the stuff dreams are made of. This may have been one of the easiest moose recoveries ever thanks to the animal dropping right next to a trail and the short distance from the truck.

For the second year in a row, Brailee has filled the freezer and made another great memory with Casey that the two are sure to remember for a lifetime. The fact they have this incredible hunt on film means they can relive that rush anytime.

Young Brailee has had quite the hunting career already at 16 years old. Once again, it's young people like her that gives us hope that the future of hunting is in good hands.

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