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8 Recent Hunting Videos That Show This Season is Already as Good as Any Other

These awesome new hunting videos show the season is already awesome.

Hunting seasons are in full swing across the country right now. Especially deer hunting season with the rut just starting to pick up in many areas. Mature bucks are being dropped by bowhunters left and right.

But if you're still not pumped up for the season, don't worry, we have the cure in some of the latest and greatest hunting videos to hit the Internet this year.

If these don't get you excited for the season, nothing will!

Lunkers TV goes Urban Bowhunting

Robert Terkla, aka: "Lunkers TV" on YouTube, has built up quite the following. Even though he only took up hunting a few years ago, he's already proven he's natural at it. Especially archery hunting.

In a contender for the wildest hunting video of the year, Rob meets up with Lee Ellis and his buddies who run the channel Seek One (who also have a video on this list).

What follows is an absolutely insane hunt where Rob harvests the biggest whitetail buck of his life off a parking lot behind a dentist's office in Atlanta just two hours after landing in Georgia! It's one of the craziest hunts we've ever seen, and you have to see it to believe it.

The Hunt for Thor

The video of Lunkers TV lead me to discover Seek One and the deer season exploits of Lee Ellis and his buddies in Atlanta. After watching a few of their videos, I'm amazed these guys don't have a bigger following.

This is urban whitetail deer hunting at its finest, and it's unlike anything you've ever seen before. For this list, we're sharing the story of "Thor," a massive, 203-inch, 24-pointer that Lee spends countless hours patterning with trail cameras before harvesting the big buck right behind a home in a suburban neighborhood.

It's amazing what these guys are doing on these tiny tracts of land in the city limits and the bucks have massive antlers that will make any deer hunter's eyes pop. The quality and cinematography of these videos is top-notch and on par with all the biggest TV shows. Give them a look!

Josh Bowmar Bags "Lightning"

We've become big fans of Josh and Sarah Bowmar the last few years. They consistently put out quality deer hunting videos and 2019 is no exception.

This one is a little different than some of their other videos. The Bowmars almost always develop a storied history with the bucks they target, but this Iowa giant wasn't following any of the usual patterns Josh looks for.

It's worth watching this one all the way through to see the clues he eventually puts together to figure out this buck's habits and to set up a "high risk, high reward" treestand right outside the buck's bedroom. But it pays off when he makes a perfect shot on this 201-inch Midwest giant on his first sit in the new stand!

A Teenager's First Elk is the Bull of a Lifetime

Casey LaVere of Hushin has been putting in for a very specific Idaho elk hunting tag for years and has never drawn one for this piece of public land. Unexpectedly, his 15-year-old daughter Brailee draws one and the father and daughter duo embark on a quest to help her bag her first bull elk.

It isn't easy, especially with balancing a busy high school cheerleader's schedule and having to change plans on the fly after their first target bull is shot by someone else. It's another long video, but worth watching to the end as they find an even bigger animal to pursue. And it's the bull of a lifetime.

The family aspect of this video truly shows what hunting is all about. Have a box of tissues ready for the reactions after she makes the shot. You might shed a tear or two on this one.

Randy Newberg's Dream Hunt

Now we go from a teen bagging one of her first big game animals ever to a seasoned veteran pursuing his 40-year dream.

Randy Newberg has always wanted to head to British Columbia in pursuit of elk and caribou and finally decided it was time for that dream to happen in 2019. This is a rugged, backcountry hunt filled with spectacular views of the gorgeous Canadian landscape. There are multiple parts to this series that are all worth watching, but we chose to focus on this video where he finally fulfills that 40-year dream of bagging a big mountain caribou bull. The emotion on his face after the shot is palpable.

The Hunting Public Bag a Dandy Public Land Michigan Buck

As a resident of Michigan, I can tell you that the Great Lakes State is different than other popular deer hunting states. The hunting pressure here is immense and finding big bucks is incredibly challenging. Most Michigan hunters reading this already know what I'm talking about. It's one of the reasons you don't see the major hunting TV shows coming here very often.

But these guys are coming in from out of state and patterning the deer on public land on the fly in only a few days.

In this video, Joe Rentmeester shoots a nice Michigan buck with his bow. It's not the largest deer these guys have shot this season, but just based on how hard it is to hunt in Michigan, it may be the most impressive.

They Almost Lost this Big Buck in the River!

This one popped up in my YouTube recommendations and I'm glad it did because it's an incredible hunt from Midwest Whitetail Daily for a giant Iowa whitetail.

Like many big buck stories, the hunter has a long and storied history with this particular deer, but it finally all comes together in early November. As if shooting a 200-inch deer isn't memorable enough, this video has one of the most memorable recoveries we've ever seen on it. Partly because they end up with some confusion on the blood trail of a coyote they shot just before the big buck crossing the path of the deer. The to top it off, the big buck found himself in the river and there's only one way to recover that buck of a lifetime! We got cold just watching this.

Colorado DIY Mule Deer

Ricky Vandawater and Mike Horchner of Team Radical go after big mule deer in the Colorado Rockies in this video. Extreme elevations and gorgeous scenery make this video a standout in mule deer videos this year. They have some bad luck with a miss on a great buck early in the hunt. But persistence pays off and they end up putting a great early season mule buck on the ground. This one is for the sportsman and woman who likes their quarry to be hard-earned in a long spot and stalk effort without the help of food plots or outfitters.

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