A Public Land Traditional Archery Bear Hunt In Arkansas Is Not For Sissies

A Public Land Traditional Archery Bear Hunt in Arkansas is Not for Sissies

Do you have what it takes to close the deal on a public land traditional archery bear hunt in Arkansas? This guy did and the video is awesome!

Oklahoma and Arkansas are not considered premier bear hunting states, but there is a thriving population in the Ouachita Mountains that straddle the border between the two states. Bear Hunting Magazine Editor Clay Newcomb was having a tough time getting a crack at a mature boar on one of his bait sites in his home state of Oklahoma, so he decided to try his luck on a traditional archery bear hunt on public land just across the border in Arkansas.

Clay knew he was probably looking at a tough hunt with low odds of success, but things really worked out for him. Check out the incredible video he made of his hunt to see how it all went down.

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Was that a great video or what? Taking a bear on a self-guided hunt on public land is quite an accomplishment, and doing it with traditional archery gear makes the feat that much more impressive.

Of course, there was a little luck involved, but this also just goes to show what an experienced bear hunter can do in good bear country. Bear hunting on foot is not for the faint of heart, especially with a recurve bow. However, I'm really glad to see that it worked out for him and that looked like quite a hunt.

Congratulations, Clay!

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