Stars and Stripers

Project Healing Waters Celebrates 'Stars and Stripers' with Maryland Saltwater Event

Stars and Stripers sure has come a long way over the past eight years. 

Project Healing Waters is one heck of a great fly fishing charity. If you are not familiar, their entire purpose is to help physically and emotionally injured military veterans by way of fly fishing. Every year, chapters all across America take veterans fly fishing and Stars and Stripers is one of the bigger events on the East Coast. Now, in its eighth year, over 100 participants fished at Dominion Marina in Crab Alley Bay, Kent Island, Maryland. 

Just check out this recap of the event.

Like I said already, what a great cause. Other events like this take place everywhere. For example, there is a Holy Waters tournament designed in the same way taking place up in Michigan at the end of August. In this case though, there will be prizes given out for fishing accomplishments during the outing.

If this is something you feel you would be interested in helping, please reach out. They are always looking for volunteers and anything you can do would be great. Otherwise, just coming and being a part of the event is thanks enough to just show your support.