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Probiotics for Dogs: Do They Need Them?

Digestive health is important among all living creatures. I think we can all attest that at some point in our lives our bodies were telling us to take care of our digestive health. Whether it was through signs of stomach aches, bad breath, vomiting, or other symptoms, our body has a way of reacting when it has too much bad bacteria.

Know that your dog is no stranger to those symptoms from harmful bacteria. Like humans, dogs can experience upset stomachs and digestive issues. Dog owners, if you suspect your dog suffers from gas, an upset stomach, or even loose stool, it wouldn't hurt to add good bacteria or a probiotic supplement to their diet.

Food with probiotics (for dogs)

Various types of food have friendly bacteria for our gut. For example, humans love yogurt and garlic for health benefits. Some food dogs can eat for similar benefits:

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Best Dog Probiotics

1. NOW Pet Health, GI tract support supplement

Help your dog reduce their loose stool with these chewable tablets. When looking for a canine probiotic that's formulated for diarrhea, make sure live bacteria (lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium animalis) are one of the strains of bacteria in the tablets. It helps break down lactose for easy digestion.

Get it here for $14.00.

2. Purina Pro Plan FortiFlora dog probiotic supplement

The probiotic in this Purina Fortiflora is used to restore the normal intestinal microflora. There are over 4,000 reviews and 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. One customer said her dog was always nauseous and vomiting until she gave her dog these supplements. This probiotic is great for immune health!

Get it here for $28.99.

3. Nutri-Vet probiotic for dogs, 60 count

This probiotic is full of beneficial bacteria for a healthy digestive system. There are 60 capsules for only $8.37. The good microorganisms maintain a healthy balance in the intestines for a healthy gut. The probiotic inulin is an ingredient that will stimulate good bacteria growth to maintain your dog's health.

4. PetVitalityPRO Probiotics for dogs with natural digestive enzymes

A perk about a healthy immune system is that your dog will be able to fight off infections and diseases much easier. If your dog is scratching themselves from an infection, a high-quality probiotic will help. Also, if your dog is currently on antibiotics for an infection, just know their healthy bacteria is being reduced from their medicine. Probiotics and prebiotics will restore your dog's gut health.

Get it here for $19.95.

5. Amazing Nutritionals probiotics for dogs

This probiotic supplement is used to foster a healthy digestive tract and immune system. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help with inflammation and joint pain. It comes with 120 capsules.

Get it here for $29.37.

6. Zesty Paws Probiotic for Dogs

These soft chews are a favorite among dog owners. Add these to your dog's diet and you'll notice a difference in their well-being. There are 3 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of prebiotics and probiotics packed in these probiotic chews. Dogs love them on their own, but putting them in your dog's food may help.

Get it here for $25.97.

Pet owners, I wholeheartedly believe we have to treat our fur babies' health as a serious matter. When they hurt, we hurt too! Your dog's overall health could improve just from taking probiotics. Healthy dogs are happy dogs.

This post was originally published on July 26, 2019.

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