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Gun Storage Bags: 3 Options Under $25 for Rust-Free Guns

The best way to prevent rust on your rifle is to use a gun storage bag.

Naturally, guns are exposed to moisture in the air. Once moisture and oxygen bond for a certain period, rust begins to form. The best way to prevent your gun from rusting is to keep it in an airtight gun bag.

Since guns have metal surfaces, they're susceptible to rust formation. These gun storage bags are ideal for long-term storage. You don't want to open your gun safe up next year to a rusty rifle. These gun storage bags are budget-friendly. They'll cost you anywhere from $14 to $30, depending on the brand.


1. Zerust Rifle Bag 10" x 50" Zipper Closure - Pack of 3

TechnologyLK has an anti-corrosion bag for $14.50. It'll protect your metal, iron, and steel guns from rusting. It'll work for five years max, so be sure to replace the bag in time.

Of course, you still need to make sure you clean your guns before storing them in a bag. Amazon customers love the zip closure. That feature gives you some reassurance that air won't enter your firearm storage bag. One customer even said it was a perfect fit for their scope.

This bag is under $15 and has a nearly perfect average customer rating. It's worth giving it a shot if you have a continuous problem with rusty guns.

2. Victory VCI Rust Prevention Gun Storage Bags 12" X 48" X 4 MIL (Package of 3)

Here's another option for under $20. This gun bag package comes with three heavy-duty bags. They're safe on stocks and scopes. They don't last as long as the Zerust bags, but they will protect your guns for two years, giving you six years of protection total.

If you're looking to buy an American-made product, you'll be glad to hear that they're manufactured in Texas.

3. Dry-Packs VCI Anti Corrosion Vacuum Tactical/Shotgun Gun Storage Bag, 12" x 52"

Dry-Packs VCI Anti Corrosion Vacuum Tactical/Shotgun Gun Storage Bag, 12" x 52"Amazon

Dry-Packs has a vacuum seal storage bag available for under $30. Add it to your wishlist today! You can use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the air out of the bag. Be extra careful with this bag.

Customer reviews are fantastic. Gun owners are giving the bag 4 and 5-star reviews, but they recommend dissembling your firearm to prevent tearing.

Keeping your guns rust-free should be easy if your bags are sealed tightly. These options are meant for long guns, so if you're looking for a storage bag meant for handguns, consider these for corrosion protection.


For firearm cleaning, consider the Rust Stopper Long Term Storage Kit from Otis. Not only does it come with cleaning products, but it comes with three pistol storage bags and three rifle storage bags.

What's all included?

  • Gun storage bags
  • Microfiber towels
  • Chamber flags
  • Receiver brush
  • Bore cleaner
  • Lubricant
  • Rust Prevent

This post was originally posted on February 12, 2020.