Preserve That Hard-Earned Meat with These Tips on Keeping the Ice in Your Cooler

Here are some quick tips on how to keep ice in your cooler to ensure that wild game meat makes it from field to kitchen in top form.

Randy Newberg delivers some great tips on how to keep ice in your cooler to preserve that meat even in hotter weather, such as you often get in early bow season hunts.

Another handy set of tips from Mr. Newberg. Get yourself a high quality cooler and dedicate it solely to preserving ice for after the hunt and when that deer or elk is down. Resist any temptation to open that cooler prior and use sealed containers, such as milk jugs, to preserve the ice in the cooler. You don't want meat swimming in ice melt water as this will increase bacteria growth and can lower the quality of the meat.

Take a little time to prep for after the hunt, make sure you have game bags to hang the meat, a quality knife set, a quality cooler, and get your ice ready and into it to be all set once you harvest that animal.