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5 Reasons Every Deer Hunter Should Have a Quality Game Processing Knife Set

If you don't own one, get yourself a quality game processing knife set this season and make your life easier.

You made a great shot and the deer is down, now you know the work really begins, and if you do it carefully you will have some great venison for the winter months.

Every deer hunter should have a great set of knives ready-to-go to properly prepare your game from field to butchering. For too long I relied on one or two knives to do all the tasks; while you can do this, once you get a quality game processing knife set you will find out how much easier it makes the chore.

I finally picked up a good set from Outdoor Edge that comes in one convenient and portable carrying case and it makes the cleaning and processing work go much more efficiently; and most importantly it causes less wastage of good meat cuts as I work.

Knife Set
Bass Pro Shops/ Outdoor Edge Wild-Pak Game Processing Set

Here are five reasons to invest in a quality set:

1. Field preparation and gutting.

A quality game processing knife set will have a razor-sharp knife with a gut hook. This will come into play immediately in the field and allow for easy gutting and cleaning of the deer without puncturing the gut and potentially contaminating the meat.

2. Caping knife.

The set should also come with a smaller caping knife, which will help greatly in the skinning process when the deer is hung and also when caping it out as a trophy mount.

Its design and smaller size will allow you to work around those more tricky spots when removing the hide.

3. Bone Saw.

A bone saw is another necessary requirement that will allow for easy quartering in the field or for removing legs and the head once the deer is hung and skinned.

It will also come in very handy for DIY butchering, allowing you to remove the rib cage and other larger parts to begin boning out the meat.

Buck Down

4. Boning Knife.

This small, super sharp knife will allow for the perfect cuts of meat with little wastage. It comes in handy for taking out those choice cuts such as the backstraps.

5. Sharpener.

Finally, make sure your kit has a good knife sharpener. As you work through your deer you want to ensure you keep a keen edge on all your blades.

After every major task I clean and sharpen my knives and lightly oil them for storage. Having your knives as sharp as possible cannot be overstressed as it is safer to use them and will make cutting much easier.

These are five good reasons to get yourself a quality game processing knife set for this season. Avoid the bargain basement cheap ones and get a well-crafted set from a known distributor.

I expected the cost to be exorbitant but was surprised how reasonable it actually was. Make your processing from the field to the butchering a more effective process; good luck this season and good hunting.


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5 Reasons Every Deer Hunter Should Have a Quality Game Processing Knife Set