Prepare to be Mesmerized by These Slow-Mo Arrow Shots

The art of archery is captivating in slow motion. If you love bowhunting, you will love this.

Bowhunting is an amazing sport, forcing you to get close to your animal and providing an extra challenge that many hunters live for. Your bow almost becomes part of you and is a very prized piece of equipment. In this video, Donnie Vincent launches a couple arrows from his Xpedition bows and films it at 30,000 frames per second, and the footage is incredible.

There is something special about the flight of an arrow and watching it meet its mark. But we often forget all that goes on to get that arrow in motion. It happens so fast, that we kind of just take it granted and don't think much of it. But this video changes that train of thought.

Seeing these arrows launched in slow motion really shows you the incredible fine-tuned machines that bows really are, combined with the skill it takes to be an excellent archer. Whether that be a compound or a traditional bow.

Seeing the pulleys ignite and rotate at a synchronized pace, and the force the risers and cams take with all that kinetic energy. And then to see the wave and wobble of the bow strings as they vibrate after the release of the arrow puts it all in perspective. They are not toys.

The video is hard to watch just once, and really quite mesmerizing.

A nice little refresher to remind you just how awesome the sport of bowhunting is and how far the technology has come.

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