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The Best Compound Bows for Beginners

best compound bows for beginners

New to archery? Here are the best compound bows for beginners of any age.

For the seasoned archer, picking a bow is about what’s comfortable and familiar. For someone who’s new to archery, however, it’s about choosing a well-rounded piece of equipment that’s good to learn and grow with.

Budget comes to mind as the first things for anyone looking to get into archery. You may not be sure if you like it yet or if it will be something you stick with. With this in mind, cost is one of the leading factors for anyone wanting to get into archery.

Long story short, just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it is the best, and vice versa. So, you want to know you’re getting quality, not a pricey ripoff.

Lastly, what else will you need to purchase? Many times, you will find yourself purchasing a bow for a certain price, only to find you need to double that cost with sights, a rest and a stabilizer. Many bows come as a package, and for beginners this may be the best route to take.

To ensure you are getting not only a deal, but quality and a package set, we’ve chosen three great bows to suit beginners of different ages and genders.

1. Diamond Atomic (YOUTH)

Cabela’s $199.99

New for 2017 and heading out to dealers everywhere now, the Diamond Atomic is a great bow for the younger aspiring archer. What makes this bow stands out amongst competitors in the youth department is that it’s made tough, with real aluminum, not plastics. It also comes with access to Diamond’s dedicated website,, to help kids get started in archery.

The package includes an adjustable sight, arrow rest, hip quiver, peep sight, three carbon arrows and a black string nock.


  • Brace Height – 6″
  • Axle to Axle – 24″
  • Draw Length – 12-24″
  • Draw Weight – 6-29lbs
  • IBO/ATA Speed – 191 fps
  • Mass Weight – 1.9lbs

2. Bear Archery Authority

Cabela's $399.99
Cabela’s $399.99

Show some Authority and get yourself set up with a great bow for a great price. Relatively lightweight and inexpensive, the Bear Authority is a great bow for anyone looking to get started in archery. Set up for the tree stand and the ground blind hunter, this bow is great in both size and price. IBO speeds of 315 fps make this bow very competitive against others in its price range as well.


  • Brace Height – 6.75″
  • Axle to Axle – 31″
  • Draw Length- 24.5″ – 31.5″
  • Draw Weight- 60 – 70lbs
  • IBO/ATA Speed – 315 fps
  • Mass Weight – 4.0 lbs

3. Diamond Edge SB-1

Bass Pro $399.99
Bass Pro $399.99

Here’s a bow that a 6-year-old or a 60-year-old could shoot equally well. If you would like to see our FULL REVIEW on this bow, it may be worth it. It’s a bow that can be set up from home and adjusted over time, so a growing teen could begin with this bow and still use it years later. Its adjustability, however, doesn’t mean it’s designed exclusively for youths. In fact, it is a smooth, fast and accurate bow for all ages.

The package comes complete with a rest, stabilizer, sights, peep and string loop.


  • Brace Height – 7″
  • Axle to Axle – 31″
  • Draw Length – 15″-30″
  • Draw Weight – 7-70lbs
  • IBO/ATA Speed – 318 fps
  • Mass Weight – 3.6 lbs

No matter which bow you choose, ensure you are comfortable. We always recommend shooting a bow before purchasing it. Many things will lead you to purchase one or the other, but like test-driving a vehicle, testing a bow before purchase will ensure you don’t have buyer’s remorse. More importantly, it will ensure you are comfortable and ready for the field, come whatever.

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