Predator Pursuit Calls Giant Gator Across Road and Canal with a Foxpro Right to Him

Who knew you could call in gators with a call? Jeff Thomason of Predator Pursuit harvests a monster gator with a Remington Model 700 VTR.

Predator Pursuit chases every predator you can imagine. But this video is one that is pretty special. As Jeff calls one of his biggest gators to date with a Foxpro clear across another canal, across a road, and right up to him before cracking off a shot from his VTR 700.


Like a clip from Lake Placid, this giant gator slowly comes over a road and drops into the canal that Jeff and his crew are setup over. As the call continues to sound with a homemade decoy out front, the big gator comes in on a string.

When shooting gators with a firearm, it is crucial you have a very accurate setup. A gator's brain is pretty small and there isn't much room for error.

Jeff lines up the crosshairs of his Leupold and lets it rip.

After the first shot, they are forced to get the hook out and find the gator on the bottom of the canal. They found him alright, but he was still alive.

With another shot, Jeff was able to put the big gator to rest and he then could put his hands on his biggest gator to date.

Talk about a rush.

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