The Most Intense Predator Hunting Promo You Have Ever Seen

Predator Pursuit is one of the best predator hunting programs in the business, and this promo is a great indication of that.

Predator hunting is a consistently growing sport. With some of the most passionate hunters, they are always seeking the next best equipment, tricking out their guns, and searching for the best tactics.

Look no further if you are one of these people. Predator Pursuit with Jeff Thomason is the show you need to be following and watching.

This Season 5 promo of Predator Pursuit is like nothing we have ever seen. From gators to bobcats, this season of Predator Pursuit will have you covered.

Simply put, this video you will get you jacked for some predator hunting! Check it out" 

If you like what you saw in the video, make sure to follow along this season on the Sportsman Channel. The airtimes for this season of Predator Pursuit are below.

Mon. 10:00 PM EST
Tue. 6:00 PM EST
Thur. 7:00 AM EST
Fri. 9:00 AM EST
Sat. 12:30 AM EST

Jeff over the years has really mastered the night hunting side of things and gives you a more broad scope of predator hunting action than you will find anywhere else.

It's hard to just watch that promo once!

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