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Is this Coyote a Terminator?

Stop means stop. Hunter drops coyote in its tracks and its eyes begin to flicker like something out of the movie Terminator.

This just might be the Terminator's pet coyote. Make sure to watch the eyes of the animal all the way to the end.

Coyote hunting is a challenge and often requires you to make extremely difficult shots while the animal is on the run. That was not the case here as this coyote literally walks right at the host of Predator Pursuit while hunting in Texas. He yells and tells the coyote to stop so they can have a standing shot but it refuses.

Maybe it refuses to react to their voices because it is a Terminator. Like something straight out of a movie, the coyotes eyes flicker as if it is a robot out of Terminator after they shoot it.

Ok, so we know it isn't a robot, but it is still pretty fascinating. The one thing that we do know is that this coyote was very hungry as it continued to pursue the call.

This predator has had its last meal and will not be messing with anymore livestock in Texas.


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Is this Coyote a Terminator?