big gator steals fish

Hulking Gator Steals Angler's Fish Like, "What are You Gonna do About it?"

Watch this determined and brazen act of thievery by a big gator who bum rushes the shore to steal an angler's catch. It's like he doesn't even care!

I've watched this very brief Instagram video on a loop over and over again. It's just that good and that "in your face." A big gator rushes up onto a small sandy beach in a virtual tidal wave of his own making, with one thing in mind: taking the fish that a nearby angler just caught.

The cool thing about the video - well, there are a few cool things about this short video - is the wave of water that precedes the alligator's appearance. The massive reptile must've really been moving to push that much water ahead of him.

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The other cool thing is how he pauses, just for a second, before snatching the fish lying on the beach. As if to give anyone who might be foolish enough to protest an opportunity to rethink their position.

I also like how the fisherman in the boat pretty much freezes in midcast and looks on dumbstruck as the dinosaur does his thing.

Then the toothy critter simply turns on its stubby legs with the fish in its jaws and heads back into the drink. You just know who rules this little stretch on river.

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