$35 Portable Travel Potty Is a Must-Have for Campers With Little Ones

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While you probably haven't thought to travel with a toilet seat, you'd be surprised at how handy these portable travel potty seats can really be, especially during a long road trip.

We've all been there before on a long drive, a public toilet is impossible to find in the long stretches between rest stops, or worse, you finally do stop, and the public restrooms and urinals are a thing out of a nightmare. This foldable and portable travel potty from Amazon allows you to take a potty training seat anywhere you go, so you can work on toilet training your little adventurer even while on the road.

Teaching a toddler potty training is already a difficult and sometimes frustrating endeavor, made even more difficult when you take your little one on a road trip with you. Using this foldable toilet is a great way to continue to potty train your kids, even while you're traveling.

Potette Plus Premium Potty Value Pack: Kalencom 2in1 Potette Plus Premium Travel Potty and Reusable Hard Liner for Home Use. Folds on Patented Hinge for Travel. Potty - Potty Seat - Portable Potty

This folding travel potty seat from Kalencom Potette Plus is the best travel potty seat, according to tons of Amazon reviews. This full-size training potty easily converts to a potty training ring that securely fits most standard toilet seats. Simply fold the legs out, and you're good to go. It's a great toilet training seat to keep in your car, boat, camper, or RV. It provides your child with a clean, hygienic potty no matter where you go! It even has a raised splash guard to prevent spillage and easy-grip handles for safety.

This portable potty training seat comes with a drawstring travel bag so you can take it everywhere you go, as well as a reusable hard liner for home use and 10 super-absorbent disposable liners for on-the-go convenience. Reviewers say that the disposable bags work really well and are surprisingly absorbent.

You can use this travel potty chair as a travel toilet to keep potty training your little one on the go, whether you're taking a summer camping trip or just making a long drive for a weekend getaway. This toddler toilet is a best-seller on Amazon and comes with a urinal piece and a normal toilet trainer so boys and girls can use it easily.

You never know when a kids' travel potty will come in handy, especially if you love traveling with your kids and don't want to keep carrying that diaper bag around with you everywhere. It offers great portability, and you'll be grateful you have it!