Coast to Coast Waterfall Guide: 30 Stops for Your Summer Road Trip

Looking for adventure this summer? Look no further than this waterfall guide.

The United States is known to possess some of the world's most jaw dropping waterfalls, both off-the-beaten path and as popular tourist destinations. So, as you start planning out your summer road trips, take a minute to scout out some of these natural wonders that are well-worth a stop off the road or a hike up the mountain..

There's a fascination with waterfalls that's undeniable. Look to Instagram or any other social platform and #waterfalls will populate millions of results. But what many people don't realize is that there's a multitude of shapes, sizes and types of waterfalls out there—each factor contributing to what makes these natural beauties unique and jaw dropping.

In fact, there are ten different waterfall classifications: plunge, multi-step, cataract, frozen, fan, horsetail, chute, punchbowl, cascade and block. Most people are familiar with plunge waterfalls—those with long vertical streams that empty into a body of water at their end that's perfect for swimming.

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Depending on where you live, a waterfall classification that is unfamiliar to some is frozen. These waterfalls stand still like statues and are formed of long, strong icicles. Many frozen waterfalls can be found along the East Coast—although you'll be more likely to witness these in the depths of winter.

So, you've heard enough about waterfall classifications. Now it's time to actually scout out the best locations and start planning your visit by road trip. To help you pick and choose from the thousands of waterfalls across our beautiful country.

Car Rentals put together this infographic and Google maps guide that highlights some 30 incredible waterfalls to visit from coast to coast.

Whether you're from the Northeast, Midwest or West Coast, this guide has destinations in nearly every U.S. region. It's your one stop shop for waterfall sightseeing. Within the infographic, you'll find information like swim access, hiking difficulty and admission cost (where applicable) to help plan out the perfect adventure this summer. For example, one waterfall that hits all these bases is Moss Glen Falls, located on the East Coast in Vermont. This horsetail waterfall has swim access, an easy hike difficulty level, and is free to the public, making it a popular waterfall destination for families or people on a tight summer budgets.

They've even pinpointed the exact location of all 30 waterfalls, so if you're ambitious enough, you might try checking them all off your summer road trip list!

So what do you think? Some are a short walk from a nice parking area, others are in the backcountry of a state park. When you're ready to visit a breath-taking waterfall, now you have the guide to help you do it!