Porsche is using augmented reality to help repair cars

Porsche Now Using Augmented Reality to Repair Cars

Porsche brings technology to the forefront with its use of augmented reality glasses to help with fixing mechanical issues.

Porsche knows a thing or two about repairs. It recently recalled some of its models due to faulty wiring and roll bars, and is now adding to the narrative of mechanical issues with an initiative that brings repairs and technology together.

The German automaker announced recently that it would be supplying its 189 American dealerships with cutting edge augmented reality glasses to help with in-house repairs. These glasses can help mechanics solve problems that come with complex vehicles like Porsches.

Porsche is using AR to help fix auto repair issues.

Porsche is using AR to help fix auto repair issues.

See It to Believe It

AR glasses can help technicians pinpoint issues while also pinging in a Porsche specialist at the company's U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This patching in would help repair specialists by talking them through difficult and complex issues with a Porsche. Remote support workers can post helpful repair tips right to the mechanic's glasses, which can help walk them through a repair, step by step.

The new feature for Porsche, called Tech Look Live, brings the car dealerships together with repair technicians, and can also be utilized by field technical managers who take care of issues on the road.

Right Place, Right Time

The decision to bring AR glasses into the forefront was based on the complexity of modern engines that depend on complicated propulsion systems that combine gas and battery-powered engines. Porsche itself is preparing to bring out its own all-electric sedan in the near future, so getting ahead of the curve on this tech is essential.

The glasses featured are called ODG R-7 smartglasses. Made out of a design group in San Francisco (of course), these glasses help the wearer see the real world around them, but also cut in augmented reality elements to help find better solutions to issues. So, don't get them twisted with virtual reality glasses.

These types of glasses and this tech are set for a huge jump-off in the nearing years as automakers are looking for more modern and hands-on ways to alleviate time with repairs.

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