4 Things We're Still Waiting for in Car Tech

Cars used to be about getting from one point to another. They were uncomfortable, hard to steer, super slow, easily broke down, and were expensive. Then there came something called automation. Tires became better, cars could go longer distances, and radios were installed. You can finish the story about the timeline of car tech; you get the idea. Now, we can't get enough innovation in our cars and have turned them into floating living rooms.

But, even with all the car tech surfacing basically every week, when will see see some of the even more imaginative ideas come to life? The possibilities are endless and with the ability to create damn near anything, it's only a matter of time before we see more car tech on the road.

Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

If you've seen Black Panther, you probably spotted the amazing car chase scene in the first act where T'Challa is climbing on top of a slick Lexus. The car is actually being controlled by his sister and super genius, Shuri, with the help of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Okay, we're not there yet, but AR is working its way slowly into our cars, specifically our dashboards.


Having augmented reality display information over our dashboard, bouncing off the windshield, would help by letting us see information like speed, navigation details, notifications, etc. Head-up displays seem like the thing that can be developed without too much fretting and would also help us keep our eyes on the road and not fiddling around with sneaking a look at our phones at stop lights.

Firmware Updates

Toyota has already developed a concept car called Fun Vii Concept that is capable of running apps with just as much power as or smartphones/tiny hand computers. Another fun little addition the concept car has is its ability to use specialized apps for information on certain locales' restaurants, shopping, and things to check out in the areas.

Essentially, having firmware updates be more seamless allows for constant connection with other cars and drivers. Might be awhile before we see something like this, but, come on, you know it's coming. From tire pressure to Wi-Fi connectivity, to electric car charging capacity, this car tech is something that has a ton of benefits.

Cars Talking to Each Other

Kind of like KIT from Knight Rider, kind of not. Communication between vehicles isn't pointing to the people inside, rather it focuses on allowing the actual cars to get in touch with each other. The goal is to smooth out traffic and unclog roads.

The car tech also aims to increase road safety by bringing collisions down as cars can be more aware of each other.

Long Term Evolution (LTE)

Built-in GPS devices are nothing new and work without Internet access, but the hope is that soon enough car tech will take things to the next level by giving live updates. This would require an Internet connection on today's roads, but LTE would do away with this hurdle.

Audi is already making plans to implement LTE in its future models, allowing for better quality in infotainment and faster loading of navigation. Need to do some work on the road? LTE turns a car into a hotspot.

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