AR-15 Lock

Poorly Designed AR-15 Gun Lock Bypassed in Seconds with a Child's Lego Figure

Is this one of the worst gun locks ever?

When it comes to firearms safety, a good lock will help keep your weapon secure from children and anyone else you do not want using it. They are just a good idea if you have anyone in your home not trained in gun safety yet.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with junk locks that were clearly designed by someone with no background in firearms. At least that is the case with this junk AR-15 lock. It was designed to keep a sporting rifle secure on the wall.

This lock has several major design flaws and it turns out the lock can be defeated without ever touching it. To add further insult to injury, the guy in the video uses a Lego action figure to show how easy it is to bypass the lock completely.

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Whoever designed this gun lock clearly did not know a thing about how AR-15s work. This guy was able to bypass the lock without ever touching the lock portion itself. Not only could the rifle still be fired while mounted to the wall, but one does not even need to touch the lock to take this rifle. All he had to do was use the Lego figure to release the trigger guard and fold it down. The lock becomes a paperweight in seconds.

Aside from not having a cable that is long enough, the lock itself just looks cheap. It looks like the type of wire that could be snipped through in seconds with a pair of cutters. Who is this lock designed for?

Out of curiosity, we went and found this product being sold online and read some of the reviews. It seems most users just throw the lock away. They are buying the product for the wall mount to hang their rifles. They are lucky firearms enthusiasts see a secondary use for their product, because as far as security goes, this thing is a joke! Let this video serve as a lesson to carefully research these types of products before you buy them.

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