guardian lock down cable

Hunting Gear Review: The Guardian Lockdown Cable

Want to keep your game cameras and treestands from walking off?

Guardian Hunting has just the product to lock down your investments.

I got a chance to review the all new Guardian Lockdown Cable, and this is what I found.

Many readers may be familiar with Guardian Hunting from my review of the Cam-Guardian. The President of Guardian Hunting, Gary Ostoyic, has been busy working on yet another product that is mean to deter theft of your hard-earned hunting gear while it spends days and nights out in the wilds.

What does the Guardian Lockdown Cable have to offer? At a length of either 4' or 6' long, this heavy duty security cable will reach around a wide tree. My test unit was 6' long, and I preferred the extra length for more flexibility in where I could use it.

This cable lock allows treestands or other items to be secured easily. Utilizing monolithic aluminum hardware and ultra strong steel cable, the Guardian Lockdown Cable is a formidable foe.

The lock employs two screws that have a special post in the screw head. Ordinary tools will not unlock them. You need to have a special tool to loosen the screws to ultimately remove the extra strong cable. The U.S.-made Guardian Lockdown Cable is a tough product for certain.

Need a longer length? Well, Gary can custom make one just for you.

I took a close look at the Guardian Lockdown Cable while it secured a game camera to a handy tree. The cable is somewhat flexible and coated in a black anti-corrosion dip. Future ones will be offered in a camouflage pattern also.

If you end up with extra cable like I did, the excess can be zip tied together. this is especially advantageous when used on your game camera or treestand.

When the cable cinched down and properly tightened, the cable is vice-locked to your selected tree. Even using a leverage tool like a crowbar does nothing to deter the hold.

A bolt cutter tends to just bend and kink this cable, and an ax or hatchet will do the same. Bottom line: They won't cut through it. Similar attacks on the Guardian Lockdown Cable would leave a thief quite tired and uninterested in your locked item.

Well, they could just chainsaw the whole tree down, but that is pretty far-fetched.

In summary the Guardian Lockdown Cable is quite a tough lock. If you use a game camera or a treestand on public land (or even your own land; you can't trust everyone!), you owe it to yourself to head over to the Guardian Hunting website. The price of a Guardian Lockdown Cable ($19.99) is a lot less expensive than a new game camera or treestand.

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