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How to Break a Padlock With Only Two Wrenches

Forget your key or combination to your padlock? Watch how easily you can break a lock open with your everyday tools.

We've all been there before. We forgot our key, maybe lost it completely, or can't remember our combination. Whatever the case, we need to get the padlock open.

This video wasn't designed for you to be a thief, although you can learn here just how easily someone can unlock something you are securing. This may make you want to think of using a different type of lock versus the normal padlock.

Take a look at the video below and watch just how easy it is to break open a lock using two open-end wrenches.

Now, let's be real, you may not always carry two open-end wrenches in your vehicle. Now may be a good time to start, however, as it's easier to store two wrenches than a plasma cutter, bolt cutters or a hacksaw.

Any hack is useful. You never know when one day you'll be in a predicament and find this useful.

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