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10 Things to Keep in Your Truck for Every Camping Trip

Keep these items in your truck for any camping excursion.

What sort of things should you designate a place for when packing your truck for a camping trip?

There's plenty we can think of, and even more beyond this list, but here are 10 smart choices.

1. Packable mini cooler

They don't take up too much space, and you can downsize a load when you leave your campsite for the day.

By the way, not everyone needs a packable cooler: the Rambox® is not only waterproof but also drainable, so you can have a built-in cooler with you at all times!

2. Paracord

Coil Of Rope

There's really no need for thick nylon rope anymore. Paracord, especially the strong stuff, can do just about anything.

3. First-Aid Kit

You should really have one in your car anyway! A camping trip, however, is the perfect reason to make sure you're stocked.

4. Flashlight

BP flashlight

Again, it's a necessity in any car, but anyone who's taking a family camping shouldn't be without a flashlight (or three).

5. Carabiners

They could be part of your keychain or just tucked away somewhere, but they're always needed.

6. Travel Activities

Essential for kids, there's always going to be time spent driving when camping is involved. Even with the cozy interior of a Ram 1500, you'll want something to take restless minds off the road.

7. Utensils

Not all food can be eaten with hands alone (although we strongly feel it should be). Don't set up camp, start your campfire, and realize you didn't bring cutlery when it's such an easy thing to just leave in your truck.


8. Portable Charger

Yeah, yeah, we know a camping trip is supposed to be an excuse to unplug. But "better safe than sorry" is also a cardinal rule, should you need emergency communication.

9. Insect Repellant

Mosquito repellent. Woman spraying insect repellent on skin outd

Whether it's old-fashioned spray or a more modern electronic device, be sure to bring something extra for the bugs.

10. Seating

Someone always forgets a folding chair. Pack as many as you want into the Ram's huge bed, and you'll still have room for tents, bikes, stoves, and more.

What else would you consider a must-have in your truck when you're gearing up for a camping trip?


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10 Things to Keep in Your Truck for Every Camping Trip