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15 Heartfelt Gifts for the Manly Man

Williams Sonoma

Underneath those callus hands and tough skin lies a big heart of your manly man. Get him a gift that touches that heart this season with one of these.

We admire the hard working man who feels a day is incomplete when there is no blood, sweat, or pain. He's a manly man and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Even though he has a tough exterior, he may have a soft heart and many times for a guy, it's nice to know he's appreciated and respected. Below are 15 gift ideas designed with a manly man in mind and something that he will appreciate more than you know.

1. Monogrammed Forged Steak Brand

Williams Sonoma $49.95
Williams Sonoma $49.95

Let him customize dinner by adding his initials or yours to the steaks. Any man that is a man loves to show they know how to run a grill and to stamp the meat with a signature monogram just says "I'm the chef 'round here."

2. Canvas Printed Picture

Great Big Canvas
Great Big Canvas

Find his favorite picture from the hunting or fishing season and put it on a canvas. You can make your own on Amazon for under $20.

3. Caldwell Lead Sled Plus

caldwell lead sled plus
Cabela's $139.99

Your man owns a few guns, but are they as accurate as possible? Make you both hit the mark this holiday season and get your man the tool he needs to be the most accurate when he's at the range or in the treestand. The Lead Sled Plus is the one to choose.

4. Carhartt Gloves

carhartt work gloves
Carhartt $23.99

If your man is the working type, he needs a pair of durable work gloves. Nothing says durable like Carhartt and he will appreciate the gesture to keep his hands warm and protected.

5. Gun Casket

gun casket
Gun Casket $249.00

Like no other, a gun casket allows for security with quick access of any type of weapons. Available for pistols and long guns, protect your family with the highly secured, sleek designed, Gun Casket.

6. Coyote Sunglasses

coyote sunglasses
Sierra Trading Post $39.99

He laid his eyes on you and you want them protected. Coyote sunglasses are not only comfortable but good looking and durable.

7. Custom Yeti

custom yeti tumbler
Yeti $39.99

No one today can go without a YETI. Touch his heart by adding some custom work to the tumbler. Select already created designs or add your own with YETI's custom page.

8. Special Guided Fishing Trip

guided fishing trips
Front Range Anglers $225

Send your heartfelt man off to a half or full day fishing trip or double it and make it a vacation for two. Front Range Anglers offers some of the best guided fishing trips in Colorado.

9. Solo Hunter MTN LITE Rifle Cover

solo hunter rifle cover
Black Ovis $34.99

Preserve the integrity of your man's gun with the one of a kind, Solo Hunter gun cover. This cover protects the scope and gun when in the field from weather and debris and can easily slip off in seconds to offer him a shot in the moment of truth.

10. Northface Canyonwall Vest

Massey's Professional Outfitters $64.00
Massey's Professional Outfitters $64

Not too warm, not too cold, just right. Keep his torso warm and always ready for a good hug with the North Face vest.

11. Strategies for Whitetails

charlie alsheimer
Amazon $15.99

Your man will love you much more when you give him the inside secrets to hunting with Charlie Alsheimer's Strategies for Whitetails book. Many consider this book to be the hunter's bible and is packed full of information to make your man the best hunter in the woods.

12. Yes4All Multi Functional Camping Axe

multi tool hatchet
Amazon $25.49

A multi-tool for campers and adventurers. A saw, hatchet and fire starter all protected in a plastic moulded case.

13. Buck Knife

buck knife knives 110
Amazon $37.79

The most well known hunting knife in the world. Many people own a Buck knife one time or another in their life and it makes for a great hand me down gift years later. Give a gift that will mean so much to so many and fill his heart and stocking with this knife.

14. Tactacam 4.0

tactacam 4.0
Amazon $329.99

Record in HD or Ultra HD with the new Tactacam 4.0 that can attach to your gun or bow. Not only will your man be able to record his hunting and fishing trips, but it has a zoom mode like no other camera on the market. Other cameras can capture a wide view, but only the Tactacam can get right up and close and capture the moment without all the heavy camera equipment that would otherwise be needed.

15. Cabela's Carnivore Commercial-Grade 0.75hp Grinder

cabelas meat grinder
Cabela's $399.99

He spends all his time in the woods and brings home the bacon, or the venison. This year, save him some money from the butcher bill and get him his very own Carnivore meat grinder from Cabela's. This 0.75hp meat grinder is commercial grade built with a lifetime warranty and will save him time and money.

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15 Heartfelt Gifts for the Manly Man