poop and paddle
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Poop and Paddle: An Eco-Friendly Floating Outhouse

This eco-friendly floating toilet is perfect place to hit the head, poop, paddle, and read the paper

This experiment in gray water systems combines off-the-grid homesteading knowledge with engineering to produce a floating structure that looks like an outhouse you might see in the movie "Waterworld." Grab a Cabela's catalog and take a seat.

Green builder Adam Katzman constructed this project to float at a marina in Queens, New York. Its "flush" takes about 30 days to process the waste naturally and is a zero-waste floating waste disposal plant.

Watch the video:

Here's how it works: Rainwater falls onto the roof and collects in a tank that reserves the water to flush the toilet. When the toilet is flushed, it moves the wastewater to another reservoir, where the solids settle, and, as anaerobic digestion begins, the solids begin to break down and drain into a bog garden that uses the waste as fertilizer.

As the wastewater continues to drain, it moves to a surface flow container with floating plants. The remaining water is used to irrigate planter boxes. Eventually, it evaporates and starts the process all over again as rainfall on the roof.

Complete with a deer mount on the rear and oars you can control from the throne, Katzman hopes to display the Poop and Paddle raft to the public, and welcomes their... ahem... "contributions" to his project. Either way, it beats a bucket any day!