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Bumper Dumper Makes Going on the Go Easier

When you're on the go, and you really gotta go, this little innovation is the number-one way to go number two.

Randy Soffar and friend Mack Hopkins first came up with the concept when Mack's cousin was out hunting and using an old rickety portable toilet. After losing his balance, he ended up in a big mess, rolled onto some cactus and wound up in the hospital!

The first unit was made with some heavy-duty steel tubing as a joke to cheer him up while he was recovering. Made from very heavy gauge, thick tubing that was laying around, Soffar says the original prototype was nearly 30 pounds.

"After seeing it in use, I decided to get a patent and modify it to make it lighter weight and add channels to allow it to hold a 5-gallon bucket underneath," said Soffar.

Bumper Dumper in action

Since developing the product, it's appeared on Top Gear, Jay Leno, and the Steve Harvey show. You can see those videos on their website,, which also carries t-shirts and other gear. Soffar plans to expand on the invention with additional accessories as well. Bumper Dumper products are also proudly made in the USA.

"I am currently looking for some investors/partners as I have developed a privacy tent, a stand alone frame, and tree mount for the Bumper Dumper which I have not brought to market yet."


You can purchase this logo on a t-shirt from the Bumper Dumper website,


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Bumper Dumper Makes Going on the Go Easier