Polly the Goat Has Anxiety, But Her Duck Costume Helps

When Polly the goat tried on a duck costume for the first time, her owner was delighted to find the costume reduced Polly's anxiety. 

When you think of animals suffering from anxiety, you might picture a dog, not a goat. But Polly the goat has anxiety. She's also blind and has neurological problems, and this rescue goat requires special care. But when her owner bought Polly a duck costume one day on a Halloween shopping trip, she never dreamed how much that costume would change Polly's life.

When Polly is dressed in her duck costume, her anxiety is eased. Her owner only put Polly in the costume for a photo, but quickly noticed that Polly was quiet and seemed happy wearing the costume. In her duck costume, Polly relaxes, even going into a "zen-like" state. She goes from anxious goat to happy goat, and she's utterly adorable, too.

Take a look at Polly in her costume.


So why does the costume ease Polly's anxiety so much? It could be similar to the way that Thundershirts work for dogs; the feeling of being held and supported may soothe Polly, especially since she can't see the world around her.

One thing's for sure: Polly's lucky to have such a loving home. Her owner, Leanne Lauricella, runs her sanctuary, Goats of Anarchy, in New Jersey. Lauricella currently has 11 goats, as well as a pig, a miniature horse, and even some chickens. And though she's bought Polly additional pig and fox costumes, the duck is still Polly's favorite.

Hopefully Polly won't always rely on the costume for comfort, but it's a great tool to have on hand in the meantime. Lauricella is hopeful that Polly will bond with another goat at the sanctuary, providing her with reassurance and company in the future.

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