Dancing Police Dog Shows Off His Moves on TikTok

Police dogs are known for their many talents working with law enforcement, but one is showing his softer side, dancing with his K-9 handler on TikTok.

While Dave Ackerman and his K-9 Shiloh are not a police K9 unit, they still have a significant job, and the well-trained German Shepherd and his K-9 officer partner are part of the security team at Beaumont Health in Michigan. Beaumont is one of the largest medical groups in the state. The pair frequently give TikTok users a view into their daily routine. Some of their videos are more serious, while others of this police dog have a little more levity.

Dancing K-9 Team


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A couple of years back, police departments dancing on social media garnered a lot of support, and many of the videos went viral. However, that was before TikTok videos existed, where this hospital security pooch and his partner are showing up the dogs of TikTok in a big way.

Set to "Coincidance," the video shows  Dave and his partner dancing together. As Dave first begins to dance, Shiloh has a hilarious reaction. As one TikTok user put it, "Dad, I think u have lost your mind." But the good pup plays along, eventually dancing with his partner at the end of the viral TikTok.

Dave and Shiloh are part of the explosive detection team at the hospital, and the sniffer dog and Dave often post videos of him training offsite, so they will be prepared while in the line of duty if the real thing happens.

According to a post on Facebook by the Greater Farmington Founders Festival, Shiloh and Dave make most of their videos while not on duty. Shiloh works and lives with Dave, spending time with his family, including Dave's grandson.

Police Dogs Are Always on Duty, Even on TikTok 


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? original sound - A dogs life

One user asked Dave if Shiloh is ever off duty, but the truth is that most dogs who are trained K-9's are never really off-duty. One German Shepherd, Dante, shows that a trained police dog is never not working even in retirement. The pup is living the retired life in Australia yet still perks up if the word cocaine is used. His human Davey Rutherford snuck it into the shopping list, and Dante looked like he was ready for a police chase.  And reminding everyone that dogs do know English and understand everything you are saying to them.

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