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Pizzeria Puts Missing Pet Flyers on Hundreds of Pizza Boxes

We just passed the holiday when pets are lost more than any other time of the year. The July 4th holiday is the worst!

Losing a pet is any pet owner's worst nightmare. And if your pet slips out of their collar or doesn't have identification on them, your chances of being reunited with that pet are dramatically reduced. Microchips can help to reconnect you with your lost pet! Always make sure your animal is chipped.

In this New Jersey community, the local pizzeria is looking out for pets making sure lost cats and dogs are found! At least five pet owners have asked for their help!

A pizzeria, Angelo's Pizza, now sends out pizza boxes with lost pet flyers. This campaign to help the local community is going gangbusters. The owner was asked by someone that was missing their cat to help by adding these flyers and now this is an ongoing practice for many pet owners missing their companion animals.

This seems like something easy to implement that other pizzerias can do as well.

A Florida pizzeria that is associated with Angelo's is also getting involved. La Forchetta Ristorante Pizzeria in Stuart announced pet owners can drop off flyers of their missing pets to place on the restaurant's pizza boxes at no charge. If New Jersey and Florida can represent, let's pass this along so other communities benefit. 

Missing pet flyers are made by the pet owners and then they can drop off as many as they'd like for no charge. If folks are doing this for missing animals, maybe they should also do this for missing persons.

Angelo's also uses its Facebook Page too as a way to get the news out. Lost pet organizations always recommend pet flyers be distributed everywhere in the community so this is a good tool to use. Hopefully, other pizza shops will take notice of this. The owner of Angelo's is creating a trend that needs to stick around. If my neighbor's cat goes missing again I may even propose the idea to a local pizza shop here. It's just like the missing children on milk carton idea but it's super local and people will be motivated to keep an eye out.

These pups are so lucky to get the extra publicity,  please let us know what you think below? 

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