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Dogs Protect 9-Year-Old Girl After She Gets Lost in the Woods

Next time you get lost in the woods, hopefully your dogs are with you!

Just in case you needed another example of why dogs are man's best friend, here's a story that will prove it beyond any shadow of doubt. A nine-year-old girl wandered off by herself and accidentally got lost in the woods in remote northern Alberta, Canada. However, she wasn't exactly alone. Her three dogs were with her and kept her safe until she was able to be found.

Here's the story you have to see.

"She was playing outside, riding her bike and ended up wandering across the field here," the girl's uncle, Michael Cross, said in an interview with Global News. "She was following some other little children and ended up getting lost by herself in the bush."

That's when the search started. Royal Canadian Mounted Police from Elk Point received the call from the Frog Lake First Nation, and sprung into action. Members from both parties searched all through the night.

The next morning though, the girl walked out of the woods and was found by a community member, safe and sound.

"She mentioned that her dogs, her three dogs, were with her for the entire night, and that they laid down and huddled with her to keep her warm through the evening," sid Sgt. Barry Larocque with Elk Point RCMP.

No matter where you live or who you are, there's no doubt that this story only proves that you need a dog in your life ASAP.


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Dogs Protect 9-Year-Old Girl After She Gets Lost in the Woods